An Imperative for Innovation in Chinese Language Pedagogy

Though interest in studying Chinese as a second language has increased dramatically in the past 20 years and enrollments in Chinese have steadily grown since the mid-1990s, it is clear that the rapid growth of the 2000s is waning. A recent study by the MLA is showing that university level study of Chinese has only

2018 Forum

The 4th Chinese Innovation Forum 第四届中文教育创新论坛会议 第四屆中文教育創新論壇會議 Registration OPEN, click here for more info and register. Saturday, October 6, 2018 Chinese American International School (CAIS), San Francisco, CA Keynote Speakers: Ying Jin Cupertino High School, ACTFL Teacher of the Year Prof. Claudia Ross College of the Holy Cross About CAIS: Chinese American International School When the

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Past participants of Chinese Innovation Forum are invited to share your poster session displays or any other reflections on this forum. Teachers, students of Chinese, administrators are all welcome to share your class designs, pedagogical ideas, research summaries, inquires and any comments related to the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture. Blog Submission:


This is how it started… Summer 2015 – Taitung, Taiwan 創新論壇的前身是美國明德蒙特雷國際研究學院戴金惠教授在台東2015夏天教授 “創新教與學” , “委婉語教學” 和”生態語言教育” 的學員成果展, 起名為”創新桌子” , 當時起的標語口號就叫:從臺東的感動出發,到華語的創新彼岸 1st International Chinese Innovation ForumOctober 18, 2015 – Monterey, California第一屆中文創新論壇由戴金惠教授發起及主辦,並由舊金山中美國際學校協辦。1st Chinese Innovation Forum Program  | Post-forum Blog Entry 2nd International Chinese Innovation ForumDecember 31, 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan第二屆中文創新論壇由臺師大主辦,在師大既有之華語教學專業基礎上,挹注不同的「創新」元素。2nd Chinese Innovation Forum Info Website  3rd International Chinese Innovation