Month: July 2022

2022 Forum

THE 6th CHINESE INNOVATION FORUM中文教育創新論壇|中文教育创新论坛小型互動模式的國際年會及網上資訊Oct 16, 2022, ZoomFORUM THEME: “心”的傳承:語言與文化的對話 | “心”的传承:语言与文化的对话The 6th Chinese Innovation Forum is set up to maximize opportunities for participants to meet and network with other K-16 Chinese language educators in smaller and more participants will have opportunities to showcase their teaching, student work, research results, published work, technology use, advocacy

2022 Forum – Online Return

UPDATE The 6th Chinese Innovation Forum will be held virtually on Zoom on October 16th, 2022. The forum will still be hosted by 三元創新 and 中文數位教師協會.The forum will still be hosted by 三元创新 and 中文数位教师协会. 2022 Program and event detail are forthcoming… October 2022 Workshop Sponsors: iChineseReader