Desmos Activity Builder in My Chinese Classroom

Desmos is a free advanced web application and a mobile application written in JavaScript originally for math teachers. It was founded by Eli Luberoff – a math and physics double major from Yale University, and was launched as a startup at TechCrunch’s Disrupt New York conference in 2011.

I have created a few digital activates for my Chinese classes, i.e. word search, unscramble the sentences, learning Chinese character stroke order, Q & A etc., and found that Desmos offers an easy way to gather informal student thinking and the possibilities are endless as well.  

All beginners can get started with the informational videos, then dive deeper with the resources provided in .

Blog Submitted by: Shiangyun Wu / 宋湘雲
Mandarin teacher @Whitney High School
ABC Unified School District
UCCI Lead Teacher

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