Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Foreign Language (1st Edition)

Dr. Amber Navarre is the 2018 winner of ACTFL Award for Excellence in Foreign Language Instruction Using Technology (post-secondary). Her book, Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Foreign Language, published by Routledge Chinese Language Pedagogy series, is now available on Amazon. This book provides new and experienced teachers of Chinese with a timely

Desmos Activity Builder in My Chinese Classroom

Desmos is a free advanced web application and a mobile application written in JavaScript originally for math teachers. It was founded by Eli Luberoff – a math and physics double major from Yale University, and was launched as a startup at TechCrunch’s Disrupt New York conference in 2011. I have created a few digital activates

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The 5th Chinese Innovation ForumFORUM THEME: ADVOCACY & LEADERSHIPOctober 25-26, 2019University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington 第5届小型K-16跨级互动中文教育论坛订在今年10月25号-26号两天。会场在华州西雅图南边塔科马市的私立普及湾大学。 论坛会议星期五(10/25)第一天先有半天的活动,下午3点可以开始报到,4:00-6:30 有三个工作坊(详细见下)可以选择,务必请在10月10日以前事先报名,每个工作坊人数限定在15位。工作坊后有主讲人参加的开幕会附自助晚餐。星期六会议结束后4:30-7:00还有第四个工作坊。每个工作坊费用是$50元。最多一共可以报名参加两个工作坊,总费用是$100元。论坛会议报名费包括第二天星期六(10/26)一天的活动(早上3个主要讲演和下午老师互动分享讨论),另外早餐中餐和结束酒会费用都在内。 时间表见下: 星期五(10/25)论坛会议时间表 – 第一天工作坊加晚餐费用$50:下午3:00 报到 4:00-6:30 工作坊(互动式教学活动设计, 差异化教学实例力分享,移动信息化教学使用)晚上6:30-8:00 开幕会自助晚餐 星期六 (10/26) 论坛会议时间表 – 第二天会议报名费$50早上7:45-8:45 报到早餐欢迎8:45-12:00 三位主讲人分享讨论12:00-1:00 会场自助午饭,老师自由互动时间1:00-2:30 与会老师进行教学分享桌组活动,小组团队讨论2:30-3:30 高手过招,由两位资深老师带领对话3:30-4:30 反思,结语,闭幕酒会4:30-7:00 语法工作坊 (费用$50,附晚餐饭盒) 尽早注册 注册费10月10日以前是$50美元 。10月0日以后是$70美元 请填写下列注册表,然后用网上付款。若是不能采取网上信用卡付款,请寄上私人支票。 机场请飞:Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport 推荐酒店是Silver Cloud, 离会场最近,也在海边,包早餐。 其他附近的住宿资料请见: 问题?请联系主办老师孙珞 REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED Registration fee is at $50 (early bird) before October 10. To

Share Your Comments, Concerns and Ideas

Comment and share your ideas – What Chinese Innovation Forum can do for you as a teacher and/or as an administrator? By completing this form, you will be notified of any updates re: the Forum. Thank you for your participating and for being part of the community! We hope to see you in person at our

ACTFL Session – You’r Invited

Organizers of the past Chinese Innovation Forums and the 5th CIF in 2019 will be presenting at ACTFL! Please see Event Title: 00913 – Chinese Innovation Forum: Building an Affordance Network for K-16 Educators Presenters: Kevin Chang, Chinese American International School Jinhui Enya Dai, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Lotus Perry, University of Puget Sound Liping

2019 Forum at Univ. of Puget Sound

Registration will be open in June 2019 The 5th Chinese Innovation Forum October 25-26, 2019 University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington FORUM THEME: ADVOCACY & LEADERSHIP Forum theme contributes: Cindy Chiang, International School of the Peninsula, and Jinhuei Enya Dai, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Anna Vassilieva, Director & Professor, Graduate Initiative

Drop in Chinese Enrollment Requires Serious Reflections & Creative Ideas

I have read more reports and heard from more colleagues these two years that the Chinese program enrollment numbers have either plateaued or decreased. At my university, enrollment has remained in general strong, however, last year, we did see one of our smallest incoming 1st-year language classes. It might have been just a blip and the

Content-Based Instruction Using Chinese Mobile Apps

[This is an invited post from Thomas N. Rooks, 榮天漠]   Introduction Daily life in mainland China has been transformed by the rise of mobile apps.  For instance, mobile payment apps have turned China into a nearly cashless society, and you can now travel without buying a metro card or queuing up at a ticket counter.  With

An Imperative for Innovation in Chinese Language Pedagogy

Though interest in studying Chinese as a second language has increased dramatically in the past 20 years and enrollments in Chinese have steadily grown since the mid-1990s, it is clear that the rapid growth of the 2000s is waning. A recent study by the MLA is showing that university level study of Chinese has only